Monday, March 17, 2014


 Happy Birthday to Mama Bear!

Even though my mother's birthday is not until tomorrow. I'm excited and blessed because I'm happy she gets to have another year of life. I'm especially glad because I get to witness it. My mother has been my ride or die my whole entire life. Growing up as an only child was never easy. Primarily because everything was focused on me and I felt like my parents sacrificed alot for me, even when I thought I didn't deserve it. I always felt as if I didn't want to be the cause of my parent's downfalls or come in the way of their goals and dreams. However, as you know, being a parent, you have to sacrifice alot for your kids sometimes and that was something I didn't understand when I was growing up. My mother has legit sacrificed alot for me. Especially after my parents called it quits when I was very young, it was just me and her. I'd seen her work long extra nights just to bring food on the table, quit jobs just to spend time with me, and stuck by my side through the good and bad. I really really give it to her because being a single mother raising a kid is never easy. What I love most about my mother is she always teaches me to be my own boss. She's her own boss and she has this strength about her when it comes down to it, that I want to own and have when I get older. I don't want to write pages about my mother (I could though) but I'm really thrilled that I get to call her, MY MOTHER. I hope she has a great birthday tomorrow! fingers crossed.

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