Sunday, March 16, 2014

Honest Drink

So lately, I've been trying to eat right. Eat better I mean. Slowly but surely transitioning to eating better meals and drinking better (water I should say). See, the thing with me, is that I LOVELOVE food. Like come on, who doesn't? I love pizza, chinese food, sweets, etc. BAD FOOD. You name it, I probably eat it. My Instagram is probably made of mostly pictures of my relationships with food more than anything else. lol. But in reality, I REALLY love to drink alot. When I mean "drink" I mean juices, sodas, fruity drinks (virgin). I could go to a restaurant, for example, not order anything on a menu, but just order a fruity drink and that satisfies me a great deal. I don't really get hungry alot but I'm thirsty almost all the time. So one of the things, I was looking for in particular if I wanted to change my eating habits, was first to look for healthy drinks.

Let me say this...THERE IS NOT MUCH HEALTHY DRINKS. The only 1000% drink you will ever find that can make you lose weight or wont make you gain calories is water. I love water but I needed a thirst quencher on the days I wanted something fruity. Naked Juice and Odwalla are as close as it gets. I do like their drinks, but I wanted a drink that didn't give me a "smoothie" vibe to it. I already made shakes in the morning, so I needed something that was more liquidy, healthy, and most importantly that could satisfy my cravings.

So I came across this at my job:
Honest Tea 

I noticed that alot of college kids (like myself) were buying these drinks. After 2 years working at my job, it's when I finally decided to give this drink a try. I'm glad I did because I love it!
I love this drink primarily because
a. it's low on sugar.
b. it's a thirst quencher
c. 100 organic certified (really though)
d. no GMO's which is a major plus.
e. fewer than a 100 calories per serving.

I really love these drinks and their an excellent substitute for any bad juices. I recommend people try this. I'm not telling you this drink is good for you, or it helps you lose weight, because it doesn't. This drink is just mainly a substitute for those who like to drink juices but need a healthier choice. My favorite is Pomegranate Blue and Cranberry Lemonade. So please try it!

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