Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

I've narrowed it down to five items I want for this year. 
Now for those who don't know...I like expensive things lol.
 I mean I'm not materialistic of spoiled, but I love alot of 
designer brands and a big arm candy person.
 So handbags, watches, and jewelry are all my weaknesses. 
But there's other things that aren't so expensive that
 I've been wanting for so long...
Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Tote, 278$

Yes, I'm a big MK fan. Not as much as I used to be, 
but I'm still very much a fan of his handbags.
I own  two so far, but I love this bag just because it's
 black & classy. It's just the right size to put in daily essentials.
 I really like simple handbags. This one does it.
Michael Kors Selma Quilt Satchel, 278$

You can tell I like black, huh? I love this bag 
because of the quilt look to it. It's a bit small
but I love the look and it seems easy to carry. 

Marc Jacobs Backer Watch, 175$

This watch might just be at the top of my list. 
Since you obviously know I love black.
Been eyeing this watch for a long time now. 

Fujifilm instax Mini, 79$

This camera is everything. For over two years,
 I've been indecisive about buying this, but I might just.
Its cute, small, and takes polaroid photos.
 You can also edit your photos with certain themes.
 I Need!

Olivia Burton Watch, 60-75$

I can't even decide because Olivia Burton has an amazing 
selection of watches that you just can't choose.
If you haven't checked her collections, please do.
 Plus, its affordable and super classy.

Cheesecake factory gift card, $$

A slice of cheesecake never hurt nobody!

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